A healthcare layer-removing software designed to remove inefficiencies from your health plan.

Trifecta Health Platform Trifecta ROI Calculator

By The Numbers.

Solving the three biggest costs in healthcare.

Average Pharmacy Plan Savings

65 %

Average Capital Recovered from Claim Review

7 %

Average Claim Prediction Accuracy

93 %


- Claims Forecasting

- Claims Auditing

- Rx Outsourcing


- Payment Integrity

- Forensic Prepayment

- Forensic Post payment

- Predictive Analytics


- AI Underwriting

- Payment Integrity

- Predictive Analytics

The Trifecta Health Platform.

Realtime Rx Savings via Trifecta Rx | Claim Review via Trifecta Claim Forensics | Accuracy predictions via Trifecta Predicted Encounters

Trifecta Rx

- 65% reduction in pharmacy costs to self-funded employers

- Direct Rx contracts with 90% of pharmaceutical manufacturers

- Brand name and specialty medication Rx sourcing for pennies on the dollar outside of PBM contracts

- 15-20% reduction in a self-funded employer’s total health costs

Forensic Claims

- 7% reduction in self-funded employer costs through identification and recovery of capital based on improper provider payments using AI, machine learning technology

- Meeting employer ERISA fiduciary responsibilities that less than 5% of employers are aware of

- Ensuring provider payment integrity ongoing

- Invaluable technology to TPAs, insurance companies and entities adjudicating medical and Rx claims

Health Analytics

- Ability to forecast health costs based on AI analysis of individual health encounter

- Invaluable to TPAs as a resource for reporting metrics

- Invaluable to TPAs in formulating direct provider contracts based on predictive surgery volume

- Invaluable to self-funded employers for setting proper reserves and engaging medical management to pursue cost mitigation ahead of time

Meet our expert team.

Derek Rine

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer Derek Rine

Mark Plaskow

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer Mark Plaskow

Tony Pyros

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Tony Pyros

Jeff Borglin

Chief Development Officer

Chief Development Officer Jeff Borglin

Nelson Griswold

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Strategy Officer Nelson Griswold

Frank Lloyd, MD

Chief Research Officer

Chief Research Officer Frank Lloyd

Richard Linares

Chief AI Officer

Chief AI Officer Richard Linares

Marc Wilson

Chief Revenue Officer

Director Of Sales Marc Wilson

Dr. Gerald Penn, MD, PHD.

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gerald Penn, MD, PHD.

Connor Brady

Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist Connor Brady

Steve Pappadakes

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer Steve Pappadakes

Christopher Osufsen

Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist Christopher Osufsen

Revolutionize your healthcare with Trifecta Health Solutions

A healthcare layer-removing software designed to remove inefficiencies from your health plan.

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